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Review: Bardoseneticcube – Saturn Wind / Lord of Light (2006)

'Saturn Wind'

artist: Bardoseneticcube
release: Saturn Wind / Lord of Light
format: 2x CD-R
year of release: 2006
label: Deserted Factory
duration: 52:58 / 59:07

detailed info: [Saturn Wind / Lord of Light]

Bardoseneticcube is an a post-industrial duo from St. Petersburg with an extensive discography since the early 2000’s. Saturn Wind and Lord of Light are two semi-recent releases, published right after one another on the Japanese Deserted Factory label. Since they could perhaps be considered a double album, and I received both at the same time, I will make this a double review. Both albums were released on CD-R, with sparse black and white artwork.

Saturn Wind is the first half, and in many respects the harsher one. It is mainly a noise album, with abrasive static and howling aural winds featuring prominently in every track. Here and there, this mass of sound is supported by industrial beats, throbs, distorted vocals, and synthy waves.

'Lord of Light'

Lord of Light leans more in the direction of dark ambient, for while the noisy elements are still present, the music and sounds are allowed to breathe a bit more on this half of the set. The result is that we can hear more of the strange samples, effects and voices that lie hidden.

When taken as a double album, it is nice that the two halves each have their own typical style. Saturn Wind is an all-out barrage of sound that leaves room for pause, while Lord of Light is less dense, though it retains a certain agitated atmosphere. Both sides also share a detailed texture of sound. I do feel that the music comes across as a bit sterile and emotionless, or even lacking a concrete conceptual dimension, and that is a pity, as it would have been interesting to see these musical movements coupled to a more overt theme.

In short, these releases are definitely not for everyone, as they are quite inaccessible, there being little to hold on to for newcomers to extreme electronic music. If you’re a noise and/or ambient veteran, though, these albums may very well be your cup of tea, for there certainly is quality in here.

Reviewed by O.S.


Saturn Wind:
1. (6:47)
2. (5:17)
3. (3:39)
4. (9:44)
5. (10:58)
6. (5:41)
7. (10:52)

Lord of Light:
1. (10:54)
2. (11:11)
3. (13:27)
4. (11:51)
5. (11:44)