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Review: Bardoseneticcube - Saturn Wind / Lord of Light (2006)

‘Sat­urn Wind’

artist: Bardosen­et­ic­cube
release: Sat­urn Wind / Lord of Light
format: 2x CD-R
year of release: 2006
label: Deser­ted Fact­ory
dur­a­tion: 52:58 / 59:07

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com [Sat­urn Wind / Lord of Light]

Bardosen­et­ic­cube is an a post-indus­trial duo from St. Peters­burg with an extens­ive dis­co­graphy since the early 2000’s. Sat­urn Wind and Lord of Light are two semi-recent releases, pub­lished right after one another on the Japan­ese Deser­ted Fact­ory label. Since they could per­haps be con­sidered a double album, and I received both at the same time, I will make this a double review. Both albums were released on CD-R, with sparse black and white art­work.

Sat­urn Wind is the first half, and in many respects the harsher one. It is mainly a noise album, with abras­ive static and howl­ing aural winds fea­tur­ing prom­in­ently in every track. Here and there, this mass of sound is sup­por­ted by indus­trial beats, throbs, dis­tor­ted vocals, and syn­thy waves.

Lord of Light leans more in the dir­ec­tion of dark ambi­ent, for while the noisy ele­ments are still present, the music and sounds are allowed to breathe a bit more on this half of the set. The res­ult is that we can hear more of the strange samples, effects and voices that lie hid­den.

When taken as a double album, it is nice that the two halves each have their own typ­ical style. Sat­urn Wind is an all-out bar­rage of sound that leaves room for pause, while Lord of Light is less dense, though it retains a cer­tain agit­ated atmo­sphere. Both sides also share a detailed tex­ture of sound. I do feel that the music comes across as a bit sterile and emo­tion­less, or even lack­ing a con­crete con­cep­tual dimen­sion, and that is a pity, as it would have been inter­est­ing to see these musical move­ments coupled to a more overt theme.

In short, these releases are def­in­itely not for every­one, as they are quite inac­cess­ible, there being little to hold on to for new­comers to extreme elec­tronic music. If you’re a noise and/or ambi­ent vet­eran, though, these albums may very well be your cup of tea, for there cer­tainly is qual­ity in here.

Reviewed by O.S.


Sat­urn Wind:
1. (6:47)
2. (5:17)
3. (3:39)
4. (9:44)
5. (10:58)
6. (5:41)
7. (10:52)

Lord of Light:
1. (10:54)
2. (11:11)
3. (13:27)
4. (11:51)
5. (11:44)