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Review: Sinke Dûs - Akrasia (2007)

artist: Sinke Dûs
release: Akrasia
format: CD
year of release: 2007
label: Cyc­lic Law
dur­a­tion: 45:46

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Sinke Dûs is one of the new names on the Cyc­lic Law roster, and it’s a one man pro­ject by Mar­cus Lönebrink from Sweden. Not sur­pris­ingly, Akrasia, his debut album, con­tains three quar­ters of an hour’s worth of dark ambi­ent with what I con­sider a dis­tinctly Swedish sound. Sonic ref­er­ences include Kam­mar­heit (who also appears on the album) and Desid­erii Mar­ginis, and I would say this album lies some­where between the sig­na­ture sounds of Cyc­lic Law and Cold Meat, if there is such a thing as a typ­ical label sound.

The term ‘akrasia’ means to act against one’s bet­ter judg­ment, to comit wrong acts even though you know they are wrong. This theme is inter­preted music­ally on this album, which res­ults in seven pens­ive dark ambi­ent tracks. There is a strong emphasis on syn­thes­izer chords and waves, which make up the greater part of the album, weav­ing min­im­al­istic, slow-mov­ing melod­ies. Added to the mix are some typ­ical indus­trial ele­ments (metal sounds, static, etc.) that are often used in this line of work. This also reminds me of Raison d’Être at times. Akrasia is a subtle album, in the sense that there aren’t many sounds that push to the fore­ground. The wavy use of synths give it a relaxed atmo­sphere, although the sound is also quite dark and moody. The tracks them­selves dif­fer a bit in style and melody, but not a whole lot. My favour­ite is def­in­itely the final track, “Forti­tude”, which com­bines the dark atmo­spheres of the greater part of the album with a glim­mer of hope.

Alto­gether an enjoy­able album, and a nice achieve­ment for someone who is just deb­ut­ing. It’s not the most ori­ginal or ground­break­ing thing out there, but it is def­in­itely a nice addi­tion to your col­lec­tion if you are really into the Scand­inavian approach to dark ambi­ent.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. The Pre­mon­i­tion (6:44)
2. Acedia (5:47)
3. Rem­nants (7:31)
4. That Which Was Lost (7:08)
5. The Abyss (5:17)
6. That Which Lies Bey­ond (7:11)
7. Forti­tude (6:08)