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Review: Corpoparassita - Bambinocheride (2004)

artist: Cor­popa­ra­s­sita
release: Bambinocheride
format: CD-R
year of release: 2004
label: Deser­ted Fact­ory
dur­a­tion: 31:42

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

The Italian pro­ject Cor­popa­ra­s­sita is new to me, but this exper­i­mental dark ambi­ent out­fit makes a good impres­sion on this CD-R, released by Deser­ted Fact­ory. The pro­ject began as a duo in 2001, and is now a loose col­lect­ive of dif­fer­ent musi­cians. Bambinocheride is their sixth release.

Through these six tracks, we hear a var­ied approach to cre­at­ing creepy sound­scapes, mak­ing use of many dif­fer­ent drones, effects, sounds, and samples. Some parts are calmer, while other are more intense, betray­ing influ­ences from noise. The music remains quite abstract, how­ever, and without per­cus­sion or beats. The open­ing track makes good use of a dis­tor­ted music box sample (an often heard concept by which I’m still not bored!) and strange ghostly voices. The second, “Tr.6” uses of a cry­ing woman, just to give you an impres­sion of the oppress­ive atmo­sphere. The middle two tracks rely more heav­ily on (cir­cu­lat­ing) drones, but with espe­cially the last track still pla­cing an emphasis on unset­tling sounds and voices. The fifth track is quite calm, rely­ing on a deep tolling drone with manip­u­lated whis­pers. The final track, “Mal­form­azionu Pro­dotte da uno Svi­luppo Non Uni­forme”, takes things in a slightly more serene dir­ec­tion, with a sooth­ing layer of synth waves, without los­ing that dark atmo­sphere, though.

There’s not all that much more to say about this one, I think. Bambinocheride is not pro­foundly innov­at­ive, but it’s very con­sist­ent in pro­du­cing a dark, creepy atmo­sphere, and it has a pleas­ant level of vari­ation in the sounds used. Com­bine that with a mod­est play­ing time, and you’re set for a quick but sat­is­fy­ing dark ambi­ent trip.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. Pratiche Devote (3:50)
2. Tr.6 (4:18)
3. Acquaforte del Crivel­latore (7:30)
4. Il Sof­fice Battes­imo (2:52)
5. Applicazione Polveri L.L. (4:42)
6. Mal­form­azionu Pro­dotte da uno Svi­luppo Non Uni­forme (8:30)