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Review: Corpoparassita – Bambinocheride (2004)

artist: Corpoparassita
release: Bambinocheride
format: CD-R
year of release: 2004
label: Deserted Factory
duration: 31:42

detailed info:

The Italian project Corpoparassita is new to me, but this experimental dark ambient outfit makes a good impression on this CD-R, released by Deserted Factory. The project began as a duo in 2001, and is now a loose collective of different musicians. Bambinocheride is their sixth release.

Through these six tracks, we hear a varied approach to creating creepy soundscapes, making use of many different drones, effects, sounds, and samples. Some parts are calmer, while other are more intense, betraying influences from noise. The music remains quite abstract, however, and without percussion or beats. The opening track makes good use of a distorted music box sample (an often heard concept by which I’m still not bored!) and strange ghostly voices. The second, “Tr.6” uses of a crying woman, just to give you an impression of the oppressive atmosphere. The middle two tracks rely more heavily on (circulating) drones, but with especially the last track still placing an emphasis on unsettling sounds and voices. The fifth track is quite calm, relying on a deep tolling drone with manipulated whispers. The final track, “Malformazionu Prodotte da uno Sviluppo Non Uniforme”, takes things in a slightly more serene direction, with a soothing layer of synth waves, without losing that dark atmosphere, though.

There’s not all that much more to say about this one, I think. Bambinocheride is not profoundly innovative, but it’s very consistent in producing a dark, creepy atmosphere, and it has a pleasant level of variation in the sounds used. Combine that with a modest playing time, and you’re set for a quick but satisfying dark ambient trip.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. Pratiche Devote (3:50)
2. Tr.6 (4:18)
3. Acquaforte del Crivellatore (7:30)
4. Il Soffice Battesimo (2:52)
5. Applicazione Polveri L.L. (4:42)
6. Malformazionu Prodotte da uno Sviluppo Non Uniforme (8:30)