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Review: TAT - Le Sperme De Tous Les Métaux (2007)

artist: TAT
release: Le Sperme De Tous Les Métaux
format: CD
year of release: 2007
label: Urgence Disk Records
dur­a­tion: 40:45

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Last year TAT unleashed Quinta Essen­tia, a highly ori­ginal, superb debut album. What happened after that was the release of a remix album and now it’s a new year and a new album is out. Does it live up to its older brother?

This album is divided into two parts. Part one (Autres Pieces) con­sists of the two first and the two last songs, the rest is part two, the main part (Le Sperme De Tours Les Métaux). In the begin­ning things are pretty much in the same vein as on Quinta Essen­tia. TAT’s dark deranged voice read­ing a Baudelaire poem works fine as an intro, and then the gui­tar kicks in when the second track starts. It seems as the tempo has been reduced since last time and the melod­ies are more con­crete and straight. The mood is still dark and haunt­ing.
Soon we also hear the female who sang some of the songs on the pre­vi­ous album. Brows­ing the book­let will teach you that pretty much all of the guest artists from the last offer­ing are present even here, as well as some new. Most sig­ni­fic­ant is the con­tri­bu­tion of Cheerleader69.
As the album pro­cesses you will encounter awfully pro­fes­sional played gui­tar driven songs in the clas­sical / gothic / folk / TAT way, hand in hand with exper­i­mental tracks drawn straight from your night­mares. What I men­tioned about the tempo earlier is still valid even though some of the songs would have fit­ted nice in the pre­vi­ous album without dis­turb­ing its con­tent. I don’t mean that as a bad thing: Quinta Essen­tia was, as you might under­stand, superb.

In the eight track things are start­ing to rumble. To start with, even that track fol­lows the same pat­tern but it’s com­pletely torn apart by some elec­tron­ics that reminds me of… Well, I don’t really know that well but Bluten­gel or Crüx­shad­ows, some­where in that realm. Even though it sounds rather OK it is a total mood-killer if you ask me. The track that fol­lows is nice though. But the last one, which is a remix of the pre­vi­ous song, is a sad story without any qual­it­ies at all. What is done is that Atopic has looped some parts of the vocals, added a ter­rible digital thing that’s sup­posed to sound like an elec­tric gui­tar and some cheap key­boards and drums to it. The oper­a­tion has left ugly scars and open wounds that prob­ably won’t ever heal. Per­son­ally, I turn the CD off after “Thalidom­ide : Abso­lu­tion” and pre­tends that it is the last track.
A short note on the lyr­ics. They are still mostly in French but there are two Eng­lish ones that give us a deeper sight into TAT’s world. Some are adap­ted and some are writ­ten by TAT.

Time to answer what I asked in the begin­ning then… It’s not quite as inter­est­ing and not quite as good. Still it is way above aver­age. Pos­it­ive is the cour­age to exper­i­ment even though it does not fit my taste: TAT really deserves a big­ger audi­ence so if it works, I’m happy for him.

Reviewed by CME


1. Alchi­mie De La Douleur (1:46)
2. Uni­c­ornis [Fea­tur­ing - Atopic , Esclar­monde] (4:56)
3. Solu­tion & Dis­sol­u­tion [Fea­tur­ing - .cut , VX “Cheer­leader”*] (3:53)
4. Putré­fac­tion [Fea­tur­ing - Esclar­monde , VX “Cheer­leader”*] (5:44)
5. O TAT [Fea­tur­ing - Esclar­monde , VX “Cheer­leader”*] (3:45)
6. Puri­fic­a­tion [Fea­tur­ing - Brain Leis­ure , Kader (4) , Mic (6)] (3:07)
7. Inter­lude (1:56)
8. Sub­tili­ation [Fea­tur­ing - Atopic , Esclar­monde] (5:15)
9. Thalidom­ide : Abso­lu­tion [Fea­tur­ing - Cypher (9) ‚Esclar­monde] (5:15)
10. Thalidom­ide : Rémin­is­cence (Remix By Atopic) [Remix - Atopic] (5:08)