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Review: TAT – Le Sperme De Tous Les Métaux (2007)

artist: TAT
release: Le Sperme De Tous Les Métaux
format: CD
year of release: 2007
label: Urgence Disk Records
duration: 40:45

detailed info:

Last year TAT unleashed Quinta Essentia, a highly original, superb debut album. What happened after that was the release of a remix album and now it’s a new year and a new album is out. Does it live up to its older brother?

This album is divided into two parts. Part one (Autres Pieces) consists of the two first and the two last songs, the rest is part two, the main part (Le Sperme De Tours Les Métaux). In the beginning things are pretty much in the same vein as on Quinta Essentia. TAT‘s dark deranged voice reading a Baudelaire poem works fine as an intro, and then the guitar kicks in when the second track starts. It seems as the tempo has been reduced since last time and the melodies are more concrete and straight. The mood is still dark and haunting.
Soon we also hear the female who sang some of the songs on the previous album. Browsing the booklet will teach you that pretty much all of the guest artists from the last offering are present even here, as well as some new. Most significant is the contribution of Cheerleader69.
As the album processes you will encounter awfully professional played guitar driven songs in the classical / gothic / folk / TAT way, hand in hand with experimental tracks drawn straight from your nightmares. What I mentioned about the tempo earlier is still valid even though some of the songs would have fitted nice in the previous album without disturbing its content. I don’t mean that as a bad thing: Quinta Essentia was, as you might understand, superb.

In the eight track things are starting to rumble. To start with, even that track follows the same pattern but it’s completely torn apart by some electronics that reminds me of… Well, I don’t really know that well but Blutengel or Crüxshadows, somewhere in that realm. Even though it sounds rather OK it is a total mood-killer if you ask me. The track that follows is nice though. But the last one, which is a remix of the previous song, is a sad story without any qualities at all. What is done is that Atopic has looped some parts of the vocals, added a terrible digital thing that’s supposed to sound like an electric guitar and some cheap keyboards and drums to it. The operation has left ugly scars and open wounds that probably won’t ever heal. Personally, I turn the CD off after “Thalidomide : Absolution” and pretends that it is the last track.
A short note on the lyrics. They are still mostly in French but there are two English ones that give us a deeper sight into TAT‘s world. Some are adapted and some are written by TAT.

Time to answer what I asked in the beginning then… It’s not quite as interesting and not quite as good. Still it is way above average. Positive is the courage to experiment even though it does not fit my taste: TAT really deserves a bigger audience so if it works, I’m happy for him.

Reviewed by CME


1. Alchimie De La Douleur (1:46)
2. Unicornis [Featuring – Atopic , Esclarmonde] (4:56)
3. Solution & Dissolution [Featuring – .cut , VX “Cheerleader”*] (3:53)
4. Putréfaction [Featuring – Esclarmonde , VX “Cheerleader”*] (5:44)
5. O TAT [Featuring – Esclarmonde , VX “Cheerleader”*] (3:45)
6. Purification [Featuring – Brain Leisure , Kader (4) , Mic (6)] (3:07)
7. Interlude (1:56)
8. Subtiliation [Featuring – Atopic , Esclarmonde] (5:15)
9. Thalidomide : Absolution [Featuring – Cypher (9) ,Esclarmonde] (5:15)
10. Thalidomide : Réminiscence (Remix By Atopic) [Remix – Atopic] (5:08)