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Review: Poets to Their Beloved - Embrace the Fool (2007)

artist: Poets to their Beloved
release: Embrace the Fool
format: CD
year of release: 2007
label: Equi­lib­rium Music
dur­a­tion: 56:45

Embrace the Fool is one of the first albums to come from Equi­lib­rium Music this autumn, and to be hon­est Poets To Their Beloved couldn’t have found a bet­ter label to release their first album. I also doubt that Equi­lib­rium Music could have found a bet­ter fit­ting band to add to their line-up. This is SO Equi­lib­rium in every pos­it­ive way I can think of.

As I men­tioned this is the bands first album, but that doesn’t mean that the musi­cians are mak­ing their debut. Mar­cel Schiborr who handles the gui­tars, some per­cus­sion and the male vocals has a past in the melodic death metal world. That he’s been play­ing advanced music before this pro­ject is pretty obvi­ous and you should hear that already in the first track. By his side is Saskia Dom­misse and I’m glad to see a woman who does more than just sing. Saskia plays dul­ci­mer, as well as key­boards and drums. AND she sings with a great vocal span.
If this isn’t enough for you many tracks have stun­ning viol­ins and cel­los (played by a guest called Van Her­pen) in the back­ground.

Those who are into other Equi­lib­rium artists like Dwell­ing and The Moon And The Night Spirit know what to expect. It’s (mostly) acous­tic folk music with a strong eth­er­eal, mel­an­cholic and romantic feel­ing. At times it sounds almost a bit pas­toral, pro­gress­ive and ritual. The latest due to the tri­bal per­cus­sion, that helps lift­ing the awe­some music to yet another level. Up-tempo, pulse rais­ing songs and slower ones are mixed and forged together with a great folk­lore atmo­sphere.
As I men­tioned earlier Equi­lib­rium Music is the per­fect label for Embrace the Fool, but I wouldn’t have been sur­prised if this album were released on Prikos­novénie.

Poets To Their Beloved hasn’t missed a thing. The music is flaw­less, the cover art is great and so is the book­let, which includes all the per­sonal, deep and mys­tic lyr­ics as well as pho­tos of the two musi­cians. The tracks are per­fect in length; not too short and not long enough to be strenu­ous. The male / female vocals are per­fectly bal­anced through­out the album. But there has to be some flaws, you think. Some­thing has to pre­vent Embrace The Fool from being a nine pointer or even an Eclipse? Yes. But I can’t say what, exactly. Maybe some more vari­ation would have been pos­sible? It’s not at all dull! But with all this instru­ments and tal­ent there would have been room for more exper­i­ments, I think. Note; I THINK.

Review­ing an album of this kind and not to men­tion the legendary band Dead Can Dance wouldn’t be fair. This band would not have exis­ted if it weren’t for them. It’s not just prob­ably one of their biggest sources of musical influ­ence… this Ger­man / Dutch duo even met each other via a Brendan Perrywork­shop in Ire­land. I can’t say any­thing else than thank you Dead Can Dance, for this great off­spring. And thank you Saskia and Mar­cel for all these great tunes. Thanks to Equi­lib­rium Music also, for releas­ing such a great album. It works as, at least my, soundtrack for the autumn 2007.

Reviewed by CME


01. Embrace the Fool (6:28)
02. Love (4:01)
03. Ecstatic Dance (3:57)
04. My Moments of Tran­quil­lity (4:31)
05. The Dis­il­lu­sioned Nihil­ist (3:15)
06. Ode on Mel­an­choly (4:23)
07. The Golden Cage of Fate­ful Emo­tions (4:10)
08. Trav­el­ler of Stars (2:56)
09. Your Eyes So Strange to Me (5:16)
10. Innate (5:24)
11. I Drowned in You (3:50)
12. In Your Dreams (4:51)
13. Soul Friend (3:43)