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Review: Gelsomina & Nyrjä - Coronation of the Serpent

artist: Gel­som­ina & Nyrjä
release: Coron­a­tion of the Ser­pent
format: CD-R
year of release: 2007
label: Music­ally Incor­rect
dur­a­tion: 63:14

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

Coron­a­tion of the Ser­pent is a heavy noise/ambient col­lab­or­a­tion from the Finnish under­ground, released on the Music­ally Incor­rect label, which was recently stopped. I had­n’t heard any mater­ial before by either Gel­som­ina or Nyrjä, but this album is a nice, though rather long, col­lec­tion of dark noisy tracks.

It starts off with “Glow­ing Cracks”, which is based mostly on deep drones and waves with a prom­in­ent layer of dis­tor­tion. It’s a very long track that offers little in the way of vari­ation to cas­ual listen­ers. Only if you take the time to drift away on the drones do you sense that there is a strong devel­op­ment. The same applies to the second track. Subtle sounds effects are woven into the music, but they are very hard to notice beneath the heavy lay­ers of noise. Dis­tor­ted spoken word dec­or­ates the later part of the track. The other tracks are built up in pretty much the same way, and there isn’t any clear high­light on the album, as all tracks sound quite alike, though with subtle dif­fer­ences in the exact char­ac­ter and com­pos­i­tion of the noise and waves.

The sound is both a bless­ing and curse for this album, in my opin­ion. The noise-drenched tex­ture sup­presses a bit of the aud­it­ory detail that would be more clear oth­er­wise. This makes this album less inter­est­ing for people who mostly like rich detailed ambi­ent with a clear pro­duc­tion. On the other hand, it makes the tracks sound really angry and oppress­ive, and if that were the emo­tions to be expressed, these artists have suc­ceeded. This is excel­lent music for play­ing at full blast while walk­ing through crowded places in a mis­an­thropic mood.

In short, this not so much an album for the aver­age dark ambi­ent lover, but noise enthu­si­asts are encour­aged to give this one a try. Although it’s a rather long album for this kind of sound, the atmo­sphere and pro­duc­tion are spot on for angry and heavy music like this.

Reviewed by O.S.


1. Glow­ing Cracks (15:49)
2. Anti­cos­mos (16:43)
3. Nigr (8:29)
4. Pray­ers on Fire (13:51)
5. The Stream­ing Ser­pent (8:22)