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Review: Cloama & Blutleuchte - From Wasteland Mausoleums (2007)

artist: Cloama & Blut­leuchte
release: From Waste­land Mauso­leums
format: CD
year of release: 2007
label: New Old Sen­tinel
dur­a­tion: 59:29

detailed info: dis​cogs​.com

From Waste­land Mauso­leums is the second col­lab­or­a­tion between the Finnish Cloama and also Finnish Blut­leuchte. Sadly enough, I haven’t heard the first col­lab­or­a­tion, but this album has cer­tainly made me curi­ous!

On From Waste­land Mauso­leums we hear a very good blend of dif­fer­ent styles, being mostly dark ambi­ent, drone, noise, indus­trial and sound exper­i­ment­a­tion. A lot of effects and instru­ments (pre­dom­in­antly elec­tric gui­tar) are used, which makes for a very rich sound. At times, lines of lyr­ics are spoken. The atmo­sphere is very dark and oppress­ive, some­times aggress­ive, some­times cold and empty. I’ll present some examples to give you an idea of the dif­fer­ent sounds.

The album starts with “Black­bird’s Den”, one of my per­sonal favour­ites: a pitch black ambi­ent track with a great atmo­sphere. We hear a vague, echo­ing voice recit­ing a dark poem, the lyr­ics accen­tu­ated by drums and soft waves in the back­ground. “The Tower Covered in Frozen Ecto­plasma” forms a calm bridge to the rest of the album, a very good track with repeat­ing tones in the back­ground and dif­fer­ent effects and sounds. A pretty exper­i­mental track is “Bow of Insan­ity”; we hear dis­tor­ted voices, flute(?), rhythmic accents, and a heavy drone that pierces the silences. “The Voice and the Serf” is a heavy and chaotic noise track, with repet­it­ive static, manip­u­lated screams, dis­tor­ted gui­tars and other effects. This is fol­lowed by the equally noisy and heavy “Archean Quartzite Ham­mer”, which I like even bet­ter because of the fast rhythmic noise. “Sepulchral Star­light” is also an inter­est­ing and var­ied track, start­ing with repet­it­ive noise, and chan­ging into a kind of piano melody with effects and dis­tor­tion, and over that again that vague voice. In an inter­lude, we hear the noise from the begin­ning again, with added gui­tars, and again this is inter­changed with the piano. “Lord of the Equi­noc­tial Foun­tain” would­n’t be out of place on a (drone) doom record; we hear a thick layer of slow dis­tor­ted gui­tars, over­layed in the later parts of the song with elec­tric gui­tar leads. The same goes for the next track, “Archaic Waters Enshrine the Seer”.

The other tracks also fit the atmo­sphere, and together they res­ult in an inter­est­ing album in a style of which I’d like to hear more. The art­work is also quite good, espe­cially the great pic­ture of a swoop­ing owl on the back… Lov­ers of afore­men­tioned styles and for example pro­jects like Halo Man­ash should definately add this record to their col­lec­tion.

Reviewed by D.M.K.


1. Black­bird’s Den (5:35)
2. The Tower Covered in Frozen Ecto­plasma (5:39)
3. Spirit Risen Amidst the Shade­less Desert (2:53)
4. Bow of Insan­ity (4:32)
5. The Voice and the Serf (6:05)
6. Archean Quartzite Ham­mer (6:02)
7. Sin Gate (1:54)
8. Pas­sage over Pos­sessed Grove (3:58)
9. Sepulchral Star­light (4:43) 10. Lord of the Equi­noc­tial Foun­tain (6:15)
11. Archaic Waters Enshrine the Seer (5:31)
12. Mor­bid Sen­tinel (6:22)