July 2015 Short Reviews (Dirk Serries & Rutger Zuydervelt, Richard Moult, Andrew Weathers Ensemble)


July 2015 short reviews: Dirk Serries & Rutger Zuydervelt – Buoyant (2015, Consouling Sounds); Richard Moult – Last Night I Dreamt of Hibrihteselle (2015, Wild Silence); Andrew Weathers Ensemble – Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything (2015, Full Spectrum). […read more…]

Cloudscape # 53: May 2015 (#2)


A second mix for May, featuring music by Dirk Serries & Rutger Zuydervelt, Andrew Weathers, Lutine, Áine O’Dwyer, Caught in the Wake Forever, Brian D’Oliveira, Wolf Maps, BC Grimm, ACV, Aveparthe, and Amanda Feery & Michael Tanner. […read more…]

Cloudscape #52: May 2015


May 2015 Cloudscape, featuring music by Wyrding, Autistici, Guy Gelem, Equal Stones, Isnaj Dui, Rachel Musson; Mark Sanders; Liam Noble, Orla Wren with Aaron Martin, Richard Moult, I’ve Lost, Abandon Reason, Anatomia de Vanitats, Halgrath, and YODOK III. […read more…]

Cloudscape: Project 71


The Posse got back together again for another ‘melting pot’ group mix. My version of Project 71 is embedded below. Featuring tracks by XTG (vocals by Antony), Randy Greif, Shizuka, Alio Die, Jenny, Von Zamla, Picky Picnic, Yen Pox, Bumblebeez, Joe Ambrose, Claude Larson, Laibach, Current 93, Rachel Novodbuerska, Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards, Terence Mckenna, Nun, Syl Johnson, Eric Brosius, Circle, Worms Of The Earth, Justin Bieber, Escaped Trees, Nico. […read more…]

Cloudscape: Weird Evening Looking Glass


WeirdwithBeard and I got together again for a collaborative mix, and here’s the result: noisy, slightly trippy, kinda dark. The mix features music by Brown Sierra, Monolyth & Cobalt, The Doomed Bird of Providence, Ulver, Barn Owl, Unkle, Piano Magic, Erik Satie, Laurie Anderson, Michael Hoenig, DXM, Kraftwerk, Akhet, Into White, Musique Concret, and Arik Einstein. […read more…]

Cloudscape: Lost in Space


Somewhere near Neptune, we lost contact and started picking up strange transmissions from the surface of Triton… Special themed Cloudscape, featuring music by Sabled Sun, Nathaniel Chambers, Nathan Allen Pinard, Tomáš Dvorák, Ben Prunty, Peter Bjärgö & Gustaf Hildebrand, Treha Sektori, Michael Land, Raising Holy Sparks, Svartsinn, and Gustav Holst. […read more…]

Cloudscape #51: February 2015


February starts bright and clear, but it quickly turns colder and darker. There’s hope at the end, but it’s not spring yet. The mix features Daughters of Elvin, Northaunt, Sonmi451, this nocturnal topography, Pleq & Hakobune, Ed Hamilton, offthesky, Richard Moult, Adrian Shenton & Banks Bailey, and Raising Holy Sparks. […read more…]

Review: Raising Holy Sparks – A Mendicant Hymnal

Raising Holy Sparks - A Mendicant Hymnal

A mendicant is a travelling monk — one who begs for subsistence, accepting what people and to world have to offer, in humility. The music on this double album could be a distillation of the world experienced in such a way: a flowing by of landscapes and visions, an endless sequence of steps carrying one to some unknown destination. This is the final act of begging and acceptance: to see where the journey leads you, always deferring to decisions made outside of the self; offering up the self. Raising Holy Sparks is the project that rose from the ashes of Agitated Radio Pilot and saw David Colohan shifting from lo-fi and singer/­songwriter releases to something more instrumental, raw, and abstract. The division is far from clear-cut: Agitated Radio Pilot had its share of lush ambient improvisations, and the occasional harsh guitar solo, while Raising Holy Sparks has had plenty of songs interspersed on its earlier releases. All the same, there is a tangible contrast between the two projects. […read more…]

Cloudscape #50: Winter Solstice 2014


Solstice Mix for 2014, feat. Austin Wintory, Wolves in the Throne Room, aliceffekt, Northaunt, Ugasanie, Jeremy Soule, Mendel Kaelen, Far Black Furlong, Sean Breadin, Stone Breath, Eeem, The Green Kingdom, Anne Chris Bakker, Robert Burns, Netherworld, The Cloisters, Tomoyoshi Date, Plinth, and Petrels. […read more…]

A Year In The Country — United Bible Studies – Doineann


In my 2012 review of The Cloisters, I had written about how the imagined landscape (Britain, in these cases) features so strongly in some strains of contemporary experimental folk music. Granted, this has been a central theme in folk since the 60s revival, but as I argue, the ease with which electronic manipulation can be applied these days has really influenced some of the more experimental folk works in the past decade or so. This heightened interplay of the ‘acoustic’ and electronic, and in a broader sense, between the rural and the urban, makes for a liminal artistic and imaginary field that is finding different forms of expression these days. […read more…]