Cloudscape: Ἀρέθουσα’s Elysian Fields #1

Even­ing of Light house bottess Ἀρέθουσα presents her first mix, where she guides you around the fields where she finds rest.

Fea­tured artists: Dirk Ser­ries, Ocoeur, Chro­no­valve, Sugai Ken, Shanna Sohrdahl, In Gowan Ring, Nhor, Mono­chromie, Dalot & Sound Awakener, Liai, Hawthonn, Math­ieu St-Pierre, Fel­lirium, Patri­cia Van Ness, Stefano Guzz­etti, Alex Crispin, åmßêrVVåvê§, Thou.

Ἀρέθουσα, 23 September 2018

ΡΕΘΙ’s playl­ist for the week of 23 Septem­ber 2018, fea­tur­ing Hasan al-‘Ajamî, Alpha Dream­Drift X, Alphax­one, Theo Bleck­mann, David Colo­han, Fel­lirium, Mono­chromie, Mont­ser­rat Figueras, Hespèrion XXI & Jordi Savall, Anne Malin, A Model Kit, Valentin Sil­vestrov, and Urze De Lume.

Playlist: 10–16 September 2018

This week blurbs, fea­tur­ing Ugas­anie, Tarpan, LemKuuja, Gamardah Fungus, TAO-net, Kotra vs Edward Sol, Throne of Ahaz, Nam-Khar, Agreg­ator, Taphep­h­o­bia, A Veil of Water, Twi­light Fauna, White Gavri’el, The Moor, and Ikjoyce.

Playlist: 3–9 September 2018

This weeks blurbs, fea­tur­ing Father Murphy, Stefano Guzz­etti, Nortt, åmßêrVVåvê§, Prim­it­ive Knot, Daniel Saylor, Say­ohime­bou, Ser­vants of the Apo­ca­lyptic Goat Rave, Døds­maskin, Nord­vargr, Wood­land Tomb, ella guro, Ill Con­sidered, ll nøth­ing ll, Eximia, Nadja, and Cov­arino / Incor­vaia.

Playlist: 20 August – 2 September 2018

The latest album blurbs: The Necks, David Colo­han, Bor­gne, Bogie Kauf­man Mann, The Dark Red Seed, Temple Music, audi­o­gynephilia (trans woman elec­tron­ics), Suum­how, and Hun­dred Year Old Man.

White Castle

The solvent evap­or­ates slowly, and I am left doing noth­ing, sus­pen­ded in between moments.

Some­thing this floaty, this airy, defies any attempt at grasp­ing.

Playlist: 13–19 August 2018

Last week’s blurbs, feat. albums by Sainte Marie des Loups, Gnosis, Machine­fab­riek & Signor Bene­dick the Moor, Psy­cho­lo­gical Strategy Board, Plaster, Touch­ing God, Thou, dre­issk, and The Joy of Nature.