A Year In The Country — United Bible Studies – Doineann


In my 2012 review of The Cloisters, I had written about how the imagined landscape (Britain, in these cases) features so strongly in some strains of contemporary experimental folk music. Granted, this has been a central theme in folk since the 60s revival, but as I argue, the ease with which electronic manipulation can be applied these days has really influenced some of the more experimental folk works in the past decade or so. This heightened interplay of the ‘acoustic’ and electronic, and in a broader sense, between the rural and the urban, makes for a liminal artistic and imaginary field that is finding different forms of expression these days. […read more…]

Cloudscape #49: November 2014


Tracklist: 00:00 | I’ve Lost | First Fall | From These Hands | 2012 05:23 | Memory Drawings | Coldstream | There Is No Perfect Place | 2014 07:33 | Memory Drawings | Coldstream (Talvihorros Remix) | There Is No Perfect Place | 2014 10:20-19:00 | Francesco Giannico | Metrophony | Metrophony | 2014 13:31 | The Driftwood Manor | Be There When I Die | Of The Storm | 2013 14:31 | Agitated Radio Pilot | Floodplains | The Days and Hills Grown Old | 2006 17:29 | Rain Drinkers | Field of Ash | Wood Violet | 2014 27:33 | Porya Hatami | Landing | Arrivals and Departures | 2014 32:55 | Coph’antae Tryr | Nothing to Near | Tomb of Empires | 2014 36:17 | Desiderii Marginis | Temple of Andromeda | Hypnosis | 2014 41:30 | Tobias Hellkvist | Plus Minus Zero (Piano Version) | 15 Shades of White | 2013 46:10 | Sentimental Machines | The Shining Ground | Less | 2014 48:10 | United Bible Studies | Halo | Doineann | 2014 […read more…]

Cloudscape: Project 83


Project 83 — Evening of Light version by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

The Posse came together for another group mix. This time six DJs select 83 tracks out of which to pick our own favourites to mix together. The Evening of Light version is posted here. The others are listed below:

WeirdwithBeard Decadans black_ops meistsonnig avantopia

Tracklist of my version:

00:00-01:39 – Bruno Nicolai – Seq. 07 00:31-04:40 – Edward Ka-Spel […read more…]

Review: Musk Ox – Woodfall (2014)


Nathanaël Larochette’s Musk Ox is now a trio, and with the new album Woodfall, the music has evolved to fully fledged chamber folk. Larochette’s classical guitar works in unison with the violin and cello parts added by Evan Runge & Raphael Weinroth-Browne, the latter of whom also co-composed the album. The result is a suite taking parts from both classical music and the acoustic romantic neofolk from the mid-nineties and later. […read more…]

August 2014 Short Reviews (Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson, Immortal Bird, Kentin Jivek & Miro Snejdr, Wolves in the Throne Room)


Short reviews of: Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson – Hirta Songs (2013, Stone Tape); Immortal Bird – Akrasia (2014, Self-released); Kentin Jivek & Miro Snejdr – Voir Dire (2014, Self-released); Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite (2014, Artemisia). […read more…]

Cloudscape #48: July 2014


Cloudscape #48: July 2014 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

Daydreamer | Cloud Castles | Camus | 2014 Sebastian Spanache Trio | Smoke and Mirrors | A Pasha’s Abstinence | 2014 United Bible Studies | Meditations on Clayton | Meditations on Clayton | 2014 Nancy Wallace | Your Restless Skylines | You Must Listen Series 1,2 | 2014 Sangre de Muerdago | Unha Ofrenta de Ósos | Braided Paths | 2014 United Bible Studies | […read more…]

Cloudscape: Summer Solstice 2014


Summer Solstice 2014 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

A Summer’s Day, for J. v. T. ~ Made possible through Patreon support: http://www.patreon.com/qwallath


Richard Moult | Rionnag Bheag | Aonaran | 2013 Barn Owl | Void and Devotion | Shadowland | 2011 Directorsound | Pan in Paradise | I Hunt Alone | 2013 Orme | Le Bois | Debut | 2014 The Gray Field Recordings | Petricore and Lullaby | The Weaver’s Daughter […read more…]

Cloudscape #47: June 2014


Cloudscape #47: June 2014 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud


bvdub & loscil | Aether | Erebus | 2013 Orme | Sur le pavé | Debut | 2014 Anne Chris Bakker | This Garden | Reminiscences | 2014 Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson | Laoidh Fhionnlaigh Oig | Hirta Songs | 2014 Áine O’Dwyer | Boatwoman (Lene Charlotte Holm remix) | 2013 Michael Tanner & Alison Cotton | Floodplains | 2014 Machinist | […read more…]

A New Wave of Jazz


Dutch label tonefloat and the prolific Flemish musician Dirk Serries have been working together closely for years now, but this month, they are taking their collaboration to a new level. A New Wave of Jazz is the title of a new sublabel of tonefloat and its description suggests that it will be home to music with a dedicated improvisational approach, inspired by the free jazz and DIY philosophy of Sun Ra and the El Saturn label. In this case, that means albums curated by Serries, released on limited edition LPs in custom sleeves. […read more…]

Cloudscape: Sacred Voice Deconstruction


In Christian religious music, the voice and its word dominates. In my interpretation, some composers of dark ambient and related electronic music genres from recent years have adopted this tradition of sacred music, while simultaneously deconstructing it. It is not music from a church or a monastery. Rather, it is composed of distorted echoes of such music. The bells echo to us from across a chasm in time or space, the choirs are ghostly, disembodied. Sometimes sound is literally taken apart, reduced to base elements, cracked open to reveal an inner void.

Accompanying his latest […read more…]