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Cloudscape #46: 4th Anniversary


Cloudscape #46: 4th Anniversary by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

An extra long mix to celebrate the fourth anniversary of my cloudscapes. Thanks for listening!

Art: James Tissot – The Apparition (1885)

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Cloudscape: Was it a Dream or Something Sinister?


The Posse 006 / Was It a Dream or Something Sinister? by Roamin on Mixcloud

The Posse is back with a new group mix! This one was made by WeirdwithBeard, meistsonnig, black_ops, and myself.


00:00-04:43 – Zohar Argov – The Flower in My Garden (really slow version) 03:56-06:45 – Damon – Song Of A Gypsy (slow version) 04:33-07:11 – Ø – Otava 05:49-13:30 – Ø – Syvyydessa kimallus 06:30-11:30 – Ernest Cline – [ more...]

Cloudscape #45: March 2014


Cloudscape #45: March 2014 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

00:00 | Ulver | II.X Shri Schneider | Messe I.X–VI.X | 2013 05:52 | Ed Hamilton | Pebble Beach (For Harriet Moore) | Sketches for Skomer | 2013 11:33 | Docetism | Seraphim | Askesis | 2013 17:04 | Sima Kim | Then I Could Just Die Today (ft. Jalal Salaam) | Ur Silhouette | 2014 21:08 | Talvihorros | Etude V | 15 Shades [ more...]

Cloudscape: Weird Evening Lament


“Weird Evening Lament” is a result of my collaboration with fellow mixer WeirdwithBeard. We’ve been following each other’s mixes for quite a while and decide to knock some shit together. The result is very eclectic, as you might expect. Hopefully it’ll make as much sense to you as it did to us. [ more...]

Cloudscape: For the Returning Sun


For the Returning Sun by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

A special long mix, without presentation, for the people who are in need of a bit of Sun in their lives. I hope this will give you warmth and hope.

Thanks to Michael Tanner for inspiration, and to Jack de Quidt for allowing me to use his music. De Quidt’s song is the soundtrack to a short videogame by Cameron Kunzelman, which you can play here:

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Cloudscape #44: February 2014


Welcome to the first Evening of Light mix presented by an actual human voice. Bear with me while I get the hang of it, and let me know what you think. I’ll probably continue doing music-only mixes, but the monthly mixes in which I present various new tracks will most likely feature presentation from now on. After almost four years, I felt it was time for something new. Hope you enjoy!

Cloudscape #44: February 2014 by Evening [ more...]

Review: AUN – Alpha Heaven (2013)


It’s been a few years since I got to know Canadian duo AUN (Julie Leblanc, Martin Dumais) from their album Black Pyramid on Cyclic Law. Compared to that album, Alpha Heaven feels a bit less dense, with less focus on heavy drones, and more on open spaces, although both are still present. The main chunk of this album is extremely pleasant and mostly calm. More so than previous works, Alpha Heaven seems to have something of an outer space setting for me, which is of course stimulated by some of the titles, which suggest celestial bodies and exploration. [ more...]

Sound, Space, and Play: an interview with Jessica Curry


Jessica Curry is an English composer and co-director (together with Dan Pinchbeck) of videogame studio The Chinese Room. Like many people, I first became familiar with her work through the award-winning soundtrack for the game Dear Esther, an experimental attempt to tell a ghost story in an interactive medium. [...] Jessica is currently working on the soundtrack for the studio’s upcoming game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. In a recent email conversation, we discussed her background, current works, and some thoughts on the relationship between space, sound, and play. [ more...]

Cloudscape #43: Winter Solstice 2013


We wish you a beautiful Winter Solstice and happy holidays. May 2014 be kinder to you than 2013!

Cloudscape #43: Winter Solstice 2013 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

Photography: “It’s Snowing” by Margaret Netherwood.

00:00 | The Driftwood Manor | A Coat Against the Winter | The Same Figure, Leaving | 2010 03:09 | Coil | A White Rainbow | Winter Solstice | 1999 10:56 | ZENИTH (feat. Almeeva) | Iceberg | SEQUENCE6 | 2013 16:54 [ more...]

Cloudscape #42: November 2013


Cloudscape #42: November 2013 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

Art: The Veil by Claudio Bravo.


00:00 | Sabled Sun | Through the Gates | 2146 | 2013 03:06 | Postdrome | This Ship Creaks | Where the Kind Will Land | 2013 04:23 | Brethren of the Free Spirit | Аποκαλνψις, The Lifting of the Veil | All Things Are from Him, through Him and in Him | 2008 11:48 | Jessica Curry | From [ more...]